What We Do

Web Design

Where do we start? We create all sizes and types of websites, from simple 2-3 page brochure and information websites to get your business an online presence to complex 500-600 page E-Commerce, content managed websites to sell your products online.

We take every eventuality into consideration, obviously your requirements, your future expansion, search engine optimisation, ease of use and most importantly how great the website looks.

We also add, upgrade or offer facelifts for outdated or existing websites. There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to websites however we pride ourselves in offering ideas and great websites rather than creating websites as a necessity.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems commonly referred to as CMS are a great feature to have on your website. The name says it all; you manage the content of your website.

Having access and the flexibility to change, edit, update your website means you can be self dependent and run your business and your website without constant professional help and additional costs.

Simple changes such as text or larger changes such as product range can all be controlled by CMS ensuring you are up to date and always ahead.

We simply brainstorm your requirements and incorporate these in to your website giving you complete control of what you do, how you do it and when you do it.

Search Engine Optimisation Programs

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what gets traffic to your website. With SEO it’s not a matter of ‘let’s throw lots of money in to it, the more we spend the more we get…’ it’s more the tactics of how and where to spend it.

Making sure your website is search engine friendly is also a vital element to ensure you are picked up successfully by search engines. We incorporate this into our websites as standard however we can assess your current website to see how we can improve this for you.

SEO packages include an analysis of your current campaign and performance, compile keywords and phrases to improve your rankings and provide a report of your websites performance.

E Commerce Solutions

You’ve got the product, now you want to sell it online… Our E-Commerce Solutions provide such tools that enable you to do just that and more. With tailor made content managed solutions you are in complete control of your website and your business.

Our content management systems are simple to use meaning you don’t have to pay additional costs every time you want to update your products. Once we’ve completed your project you’re in complete control giving you the opportunity to run your online store more effectively without relying on others.

We can incorporate simple or complex products in to your custom E-Commerce Solution. Some products maybe as straight forward as an inflatable rubber duck however other products maybe as complex as a shirt which has different sizes and is available in different colours. We ensure your E-Commerce website incorporates all of your requirements.

Print Graphic Design

Although websites, screen based and digital media have heavily dominated our lifestyles these aren’t always the perfect solution to suit your requirements. Paper based advertising, marketing and promotions are still successful and sometimes a preferred solution as well as a solution to run parallel with any campaign or promotion.

We ensure you get your message across effectively with ideas and campaigns for newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, leaflets and anything else paper based.

Don’t forget: we can print your leaflets, brochures and paper based media at competitive prices. Feel free to contact us for a free quote on any print and design work.

Corporate Branding

We create simple yet effective corporate logos and brands for new start-ups as well as clients who wish to update, revamp of change their existing corporate branding or image.

For new start-ups we’ll brainstorm ideas and work on creating a logo or brand that you’re happy with. We’ll ensure it’s what you want and what you feel suits your company best. We won’t stop until you’re happy; after all it is going to stick with you for a while so you need to make sure it’s perfect.

Often rebranding or changing existing company logo’s to keep up with the trends, markets and culture is a huge benefit, especially if you’re introducing a new product line or service or simply changing your company image. A new corporate identity will let your audience know that you’re company image has changed or improved and what you’re offering.

You might wish to keep your current corporate identity but update or tweak it to suit the current trend. A logo developed 20 years ago may not have the same appeal as it does today however to refrain from a massive overhaul we can work closely with you to tweak and update your corporate identity enough to keep it updated and modern but not as much to change it completely.

We can also provide a Corporate Guidelines Information Pack advising how your brand should be used throughout all types of media for consistency.

Flash Multimedia Design

Flash animations and 3D Modelling compliment features on any website. Our team offer a range of flash multimedia services as well as 3D modelling to bring your website to life and make it more interactive and appealing. This can be as little as a banner to a fully integrated flash website.

We also provide flash animations for presentations, sales tools and other types of media solutions to ensure you have that edge.

Accessibility Audits

Accessibility is a key function to incorporate in any website. An accessible website allows your audience with disabilities, slow connections or handheld devices to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with it comfortably.

An important accessibility consideration is ensuring your website does not discriminate against the visually impaired or disabled audience. All images should be accompanied by a text description, users should have the ability to change the font size according to their preference and there should be sufficient contrast between background and content.

Building websites from scratch we incorporate a level of accessibility. There are basic and extreme lengths you can include in a website to ensure it is accessible. We will discuss and evaluate your requirements and level of accessibility required to incorporate in your website.

If you have an existing website we can evaluate, report and improve its accessibility to cater for your target audience and ensure it meets all Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements.

Maintenance Packages

Maintaining a website is just as important as building or having a website. A well maintained website provides repeat traffic, higher search engine ranks and most importantly it reflects your business. Keeping your details, products and services up to date reflects greatly on your company profile.

We have specific packages maintaining new and existing websites. Packages include small amendments, such as adding contact details, removing offers and minor tweaks to the extent of changing colour schemes, making your website seasonal or even increasing your website to suit your business as it grows and progresses.

Web & Mail Hosting

We provide competitive packages for all website and email hosting requirements. All websites need to be hosted by a reliable source ensuring efficiency and minimal downtime. Having your website designed, built and hosted by us saves a lot of unnecessary time dealing with 2 or 3 different companies.

We manage your entire website and email hosting requirements providing you piece of mind.